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40mm fan cover for 3D printer, hole distance 32mm I used to use a flat fan cover (yellow one on the pic). But, it's inevitably that i would hit my nipper into it,which might break (and i did) fan leaves. I saw a similar design (the white one next to the yellow). It's for 50mm, so i made a drawing for 40mm. But, after using it, i found the semi-circle shape is a little big. And, there is still a chance that i might hit nipper into it. So, i reduced the gap, and it's more beatiful. Now, it's perfect for me. Hope this would help someone...

Jade bracelet PSD file
Jade bracelet PSD file for graphic designers..

Universal 3D printer spool holder 3D drawing, reprap printer PLA/ABS filament spool holder drawing The holder has been well tested. You can just download it and print at 30-50% infill with PLA. Format: STL After payment is completed, you can download the file in "My Account/My orders/Dowloads" Applications:For holding filament spools of PLA, ABS, etc. Features: 1). The spool holder is adjustable and universal for different filament spools produced by different manufactures. 2). It's suitable for spool with 30-80mm ID and 220mm Max OD (Radius 110mm).The default screw length is around 158mm, so that it can be wide enough for different thickness spools. 3). This spool holder is strong to have the nut sit on and you can adjust spacing easily with the bottom inside nuts. &nb..

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