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cnc puching and cutting machine
cnc puching and cutting machine ..

Plasma Cutting Machine
Plasma Cutting Machine   Applications: The plasma cutting machine is designed for engraving and cutting of metal plates, such as iron, aluminum, zinc, steel pates, etc.   Features: 1. Light-weight beam structure features small inertia, good rigidity, etc. 2. Gantry-moving type machine. Y axis is driven by two synchronous motors. And, linear rails are used to guarantee stability and high precision. 3. For the cutting of channel letters on metal plates, good effect can be achieved. 4. High efficiency. Used along with other advertising equipments, such as vacuum forming machine, CNC router, to be whole production line for advertising words. 5. Cutting gap is small, even, and there is no dross dropping. No further treatment is required. 6. High cutting speed and precision, low cost. 7. Aut..

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