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5pcs 6mm V-shaped slot cutting router bits for 3D wood working
5pcs 6mm V-shaped slot cutting router bits for 3D wood working   Applications: Cut decorative ‘V’ grooves and lettering on signs with these ‘V’ groove bits for various wood products, MDF, PVC, acrylics, color plates, ABS, and plastic artificial stone. Tip: Recommended rotation speed is 12,000- 24,000RPM. Feed rate can be between 4-12m/ min.   Features: (1). Material: solid carbide (tungsten steel). (2). Very sharp. (3). High chip-removing performance.   Specifications:  SKU SHK(mm) CED(mm) Degree   Shank Diameter Cutting Edge Diameter Full Angle TV61060 6 10 60 TV61090 6 10 ..
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