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1Set square hole hollow chisel set, woodworking mortising chisel
1 Set square hole hollow chisel set, woodworking mortising chisel Application: Used on drill press (mortising machine) to make square holes on wood, chipboard, MDF, specially suitable for hard wood.   Features: (1). Material: HSS (high-speed steel), hardened. 1 Set includes 1 chisel plus 1 auger bit. (2). Sharp and durable. Curved cutting edge of the hollow chisel (drill holder) reduces drilling resistance. (3). Standard chip space design guarantees high-efficiency removal of chips from one side. (4). Double treatment for the arched surface of the drill holder improved its hardness and decreased the shank breaking rate during high-pressure working process. (5). Working theory:  Auger bit fits inside the chisel and protrudes slightly.  During..
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5pcs 12.7mm (1/2'') mortising bits for wood working, hole drilling bits
5pcs 12.7mm (1/2'') mortising bits for wood working, hole drilling bits   Applications: For mortising, drilling holes on wood plates. Suggested for bench drill and boring and mortising machine, not suggested for high speed CNC router.   Features: (1). Material: High-speed steel (HSS), Very sharp. (2). High chip-removing performance.   Specifications:  SKU SHK(mm) CED(mm) CEL(mm)   Shank Diameter Cutting Edge Diameter Cutting Edge Length TSYZ1206 12.7 (1/2'') 6 50 (OAL100) TSYZ1207 12.7 (1/2'') 7 50 (OAL100) TSYZ1208 12.7 (1/2..
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5pcs Auger bits for hollow chisel
5pcs Auger bits for hollow chisel Application: This is the drill bit for hollow chisel used on drill press (mortising machine).   Features: (1). Material: HSS (high-speed steel), hardened. (2). Sharp, durable and better spiral flute design.   Specifications: SKU Size cut Bitshank  Drilling depth TZX6-42 6.4mm 4.5mm 42mm TZX8-50 8mm 6mm 50mm TZX9-63 9.5mm 7mm 63.5mm TZX12-72 12.7mm 9.5mm 72mm     ..

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